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Into The Light

This is an eight part series class. Classes are $45 each or $315 for all eight classes. All Classes are held at The Commons in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please contact me for more information about the location. 828.230.3704

Class One: Still Life

9am-12pm, Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at “The Commons” (contact for address)


All materials included

This class begins and ends with meditation. When we find our own stillness, we can design and create from our heart. When we get still enough to see clearly, we can see what wants to be made in our lives and in our art. When we get still enough to really see what is in front of us, drawing and painting becomes a meditation. In my own life, I have found that when I place my attention on the act of drawing, something magical happens inside of me. The struggles and confusion of life fade into the background, their voices quiet for the moment. I find that as I draw, I enter a safe place. The “problems” bubble up to the surface and reveal themselves, not as problems at all, but as wisdom waiting to be unfolded. The confusion dissipates into healing.

In this class we will explore what this is like. You will learn technical drawing skills and how drawing can be a gateway into self-love. Expect to improve your skills while falling in love with everything you create.

Class Two: Choosing and Listening

9am-12pm. Tuesday October 22, 2019 at “The Commons” (contact for address)

$45 (All materials included)

This class is about listening and choosing. One follows the other. We choose what we want to paint or draw and we listen to what wants to be made. Many people get stuck on the question, “What should I make?” This is as true for accomplished artists as it is for beginners. It is also true about life. When we tune into listening instead to what wants to be made, we find that the answer was inside us all along. We listen and we choose. When we paint what wants to be made, we find ourselves enthralled. It is easy to compare to other people, but when we find the thing inside of us that is asking to be made, both in our lives and in our art, we know that our only job is to honor that.

In this class you will learn the subtle energies flowing through your body giving you cues about what wants to be made in both your art and your life.

Class Three: Art as Prayer

9am-12pm October 29, 2019 at “The Commons” (contact for address)

$45 (All materials included)

When we approach art as prayer, no one else’s opinion, not even our inner critic’s, matters anymore. This is about channeling. I often light a candle before I paint. I ask that I would paint from my heart and that my painting would be an offering, an act of worship. And it is. When we do something we deeply love, just because we love it, it is an act of worship.

In this class we will explore making art as worship. This is important to skill building because unless we love what we are doing, we will eventually give it up. Loving what we do pushes us through to the other side of the blocks and our fears.

Class Four: Portraiture

9am-12pm November 5, 2019 at “The Commons” (contact for address)

$45 (All materials included)

This is my favorite subject matter. This is where my heart guides me over and over again. When I draw or paint faces, something moves in me through my arm and onto the paper. I don’t know why this is, it just is. Something about the human face speaks to me. I remember when I was young, I noticed that whether I drew from life or from a photo of a stranger, the person I was drawing seemed to magically transform into the wisest person in the world to me. I think that was because, in that moment, they were. They were my teacher. This is the magic that can happen in portrait painting. If we take this further we may find that everyone we encounter is in fact, our greatest teacher.

There will be a live, fully clothed, model for this class. Expect to learn how to dive deep into another. You will learn how to loosen up and feel a deep sense of freedom as you develop your skills in portrait painting and drawing.

Class Five: Plant Dyes

9am-12pm November 12, 2019 at “The Commons” (contact for address)

$45 (All materials included)

Plant dyes are another one of my favorite things. I discovered them when I moved to Asheville, North Carolina. I was given a small bottle of black walnut ink, which at the time seemed magical and precious to me. Now I have several large jars of black walnut ink and it still feels magical and precious. It is. The Earth is a Mysterious place full of Love. It is a wonder to me that we forget that. That, I insist, is the most mysterious thing of all. Among the plants I have used in my paintings are: Blackberries, seaweed, black walnuts, sumac, goldenrod, bloodroot, poke berries, and sage. We will experiment with a few in this class.

This class will be an abbreviated version of what can be a time consuming process. I hope you enjoy it.

Class Six: Painting on Fabric

9am-12pm November 19, 2019 at “The Commons” (contact for address)

$45 (All materials included)

Here we are in my element. I have been painting on fabric since I studied studio art at Wheaton College in 2004. What is magical about painting on fabric is that you can mold it and work into it in interesting ways. I went through a long phase where I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer. When I came to, I realized that I just really like textiles. With dyes, the paint is embedded in the fabric. It is not necessary to prime it with gesso. I often sew and hand stitch into my “canvasses.” We will do all that and more in this class. I will provide small stretched fabric squares to work on. I work up against the wall, but with limited space we will need to improvise. No worries. I have tried this before and it works wonderfully.

You will learn the beauty and magic of working with ink on fabric and get to experience the possibilities of mixed media potential inherent in working with fabric.

Class Seven: Encaustics

9am-12pm November 26, 2019 (Location to be announced)

$55 (This class is slightly more expensive due to the cost of materials. That said, all materials will be included)

The ancient art of encaustic painting is painting with pigmented wax. I studied encaustic painting at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina during an eight-week concentration. It is a fascinating and very messy medium. We will be working with hot melted wax on portable burners. It may be tricky to find a suitable location for this class, but stay tuned. I’m determined to do it.

Class Eight: Tying It All Together

9am-12pm December 3, 2019 at “The Commons” (contact me for location details)

$45 (All materials provided)

This is the final class of the series. In this class we will play with all the mediums and ideas we have been exploring. I will be available for instruction and we will do a lot of show and tell. At this point, we have studied drawing skills, meditation, art as prayer, painting from our heart, plant dyes, painting on fabric and encaustics. That’s quite a lot to choose from! This class will be a cornucopia of delights.

Hot chocolate and hot cider will be provided.