Amber and Clover


Amber and Clover


The print of this painting is printed on 100% Cotton Rag paper.

Print size: 8.5” x 11” ; Image size: 7.5” x 10”

Original painting made with black walnut ink on cotton fabric


Sold: in private collection in North Carolina

This painting is of my friend Amber and her daughter Clover. It captures a special moment in time. I lived in a community house with Amber and Clover during the time when I took this photo and I spent most mornings for this slice of life watching this little one play on the rug. I love how this painting captures a moment of eye contact between the two of them and shows the intimacy in their bond.

Amber and Clover: black walnut, blood root and sumac berry on foraged Zebra House movie screen.

Amber, you are here as Mother. Which I think is perfect for you. In a way you were like the zebra house mother and the mother of the plants and gardens surrounding our house. Before I knew you, Becca once said to me, "everything amber touches turns into a garden." It's true. And then I experienced it first hand. You are like a garden. Wild and free, blossoming everywhere at once. I know you will find roots where you are and blossom there as well.

—2016. Asheville, NC

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