penland school of crafts!!

I RECEIVED A PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP TO PENLAND'S FALL CONCENTRATION IN NATURAL DYING! THIS MEANS TWO MONTHS OF LIVING AND ART MAKING AT PENLAND'S BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS IN NORTH CAROLINA. I WILL LEARN TO PAINT DESIGNS ON FABRIC LIKE THIS LOVELY EXAMPLE. (and eventually, I will transform them into dresses!!) I'M SUPER EXCITED though, I THINK THIS WILL ENTAIL A KICK STARTER campaign. WHICH I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE and scares the shit out of me. i have only one month to prepare and raise money for my dreams (this dream, at least). it feels like my north star. i'm pretty sure. 

Maybe embroidery on dresses is soon to come. 

I love the back yard of the dry goods shop. And how this gorgeous silk dress turned out with the black walnut dye. Come get it!

song of the wood.
hammer dulcimer shop in black mountain.
Check out my amazingly talented friend.
hammer dulcimer player, josh messick.

"On some dark nights, when the pain of 

existence and cosmic meaninglessness tear 

at our soul, we will find ourselves crying bitter 

tears. Then we dry our eyes and begin 


- "The Van Gogh Blues" by Eric Maisel
(stolen from rebecca rebouche's blog)

Dancing dresses...

I've been trying to capture my dresses dancing in the wind all day, but I could never pick up my camera at the right moment.
More fears today surfacing and swirling around in my thoughts... And then this woman walked in the store and told me she's been looking at all the beautiful dresses in the window and has a business called, "faith girl". She says she wants to collaborate and screen print the words, "faith girl" on my dresses. At first, all I thought about was how I don't think that is quite my aesthetic, and then I realized that wasn't the point of the encounter. 
"Faith, girl! I'm gonna f--'n put it on your dresses!" 

The dry goods shop.

Last night I went out into the woods for some reflecting and prayer as this new transition time in my life begins to take place. The sun is setting over the blue ridge mountains and over my normal full time job. And new construction is under way. 

In the back of the dry goods shop.... Mary's beautiful energy at work.

Our new dressing room is in progress! So it will be so much less awkward to try on my dresses (and whatever else)!

And this: written on the outside of the back door, it says, "every day is a challenge." In gangsta writing. I love the raw honesty in this. Simply stated.

Shibori silk dying workshop. Day two.

lots of middle aged women and I just got together for day two of silk dying shibori workshop at the cotton mill studio in the river arts district. Such inspiring and talented ladies. So fun to see and hear about what all they do in this world.

Paula showed me this gorgeous piece of hand woven fabric she made.
And then, of corse, my treats at Yuzu Patisserie again!

Colorfully dyed silky spider webs

My shibori dying class at CLOTH commenced today! 

Indigo dye vats

And then I found this beauty as the sun was setting...
And these beauties in one of the dying books. 

And Yuzu Patisserie right next door. What a treat. 


I'm in love with this store, flora, in west asheville. So inspiring. I want my dresses to be like this. One day...

thank you

toward the end of a lovely day yesterday i ran into one of those moments where i felt all those issues come up around relationships that kept me stuck during my childhood and for so long. so, i offered it all Up, not knowing what else to do, and went home. On my way home, walking down haywood road, i saw this dress! the first dress i made about a year ago, when i decided to start pursuing my art again, being worn by a beautiful young girl walking with a young man. they looked so sweet and shy together like they were on a first date. i whispered a "thank You." and then pulled the car over and totally stalked them. but just for a minute. :) 
and then later in the evening, with those old struggles still coming up, i was waiting in my car for cantra dancing, and i thought i'd read my horascope. and i read this:


I'm beginning to love getting special requests (like this one from joyell), because each time, I learn something and have more to offer. This one is going up on etsy. I'm am focusing on simple designs so I don't have to charge $1000. But am excited to keep getting more playful. I am also about to take a natural dying class from Cloth in the river arts district in a couple of weeks and can't wait to incorporate that into these simple patterns.

I have been out of touch!

This little guy did a pretty good job of staying focused and hard at work in the midst of noisy Haywood road traffic in west asheville. Something I aspire to. 
I have been out of touch because I don't have any new dress designs yet. But I am working at it and getting help everywhere I can. I am also quitting my job and switching to part time so I can focus on it more. Scary! I hope I can work as hard as this guy does. 
1. To have three dress designs done and ready by mid august.
2. To do a photo shoot with Jen nance at the grey eagle having sandlin gather do photography! 
3. To get a scholarship for penland's two month class starting September 21st and attend. 

The great spirit.

"the Great Spirit has made us what we are. It is not His will that we should be changed. If it was His will, He would let us know; If it is not His will, it would be wrong for us to attempt it, nor could we, by any art, change our nature."
Seneca proverb