there is so much that i want to write on here lately. and i don't even know who, if anyone looks at this. maybe its more for me.  ... but every day there is something that shows up in my life ... being super inspired by rebecca rebouche - her process, her blog, her work, a comment i overhear as i'm leaving a store, an inspiring musician telling me he's been watching me draw and that its really beautiful, a man in new orleans seeing me on the sidewalk drawing the houses and paying me to draw his million dollar home in the garden district, complete with a chair to sit on, a free book about the hurricane, encouragement from the neighbors and ice water! too many things to recount. so i will just offer up some drawings of the past month and a half.
i met this amazing girl. her name is emma. everything she sees becomes poetry. a rock on the ground, a man sitting in his car, a mushroom. i told her about my block. she said, "just make one drawing every day. even if its just a line!" so i have.

day one

day two

greg ruby at the swannanoa gathering

some celtic guy