a little montage

as a way of launching the present intention:
from 2004 to now, i've been helter skelter making skirts and dresses. from "suzy" to "suzi"; "skirting around" to "suzanne joy teune". I've been supported by many people and many friends. thank you to sarah aulie of "hand and cloth" for encouraging me to make that first skirt (the peacock skirt!) and then continuing to believe in me all these haphazard years.
also to elise. after years of worrying about how closely i should allow my work to reflect the work of those who inspire me, particularly people i know, i have come to realize my path will inevitably look like no one elses. ironically, only in realizing that have i been able to allow myself to be influenced freely. with that said, i would like to acknowledge the obvious influence of elise bergman in these recent dresses, and really most of my work since 2007, when i met  and interned with her. i obviously admire her and her work deeply. as i continue down my path, i know that my voice will emerge more and more fully.