The "Heart Center"

The "Heart Center" (working title) is a loving community for artists to heal, grow and thrive together.  At the moment it is in our hearts and visions, but one day it will be realized in physical form. I envision the heart center as a thriving intentional community of artists who are tuned into an awareness of their body's compass and guidance and practicing a lifestyle that is aligned with connection to all things. we are part of this world. we are all one. our bodies and our hearts guide us towards the lives we are meant to live. the life where we effortlessly thrive and feel fully alive. my own journey has taken me down many twists and turns and winding paths. i have gone in the opposite direction of my heart and found the darkness and disconnection there and through that, learned to listen carefully to my heart, respect it and trust it. the joy and peace that that has brought me is immeasurable. as i continue in that direction, practicing mindful awareness with my connection with all things as well as the Divine presence always with me, i meet more and more people on this same path. many of them are artists. a tribe is forming all over the world. a tribe of healers. it is my dream to have a physical location where artists can come together and continue living this practice together. as their energy emanates from them and new people join, the community becomes a place of healing and renewal and learning.  I am SOOOOOOOO excited about this!!!! because, just think of how a community of artist healers can shape and form the world around them. and god, what fun to live in a place like that! yes! yes! yes!!!!!!!!! So, lets make it happen. I live in and love Asheville, North Carolina. So i imagine it being somewhere around there in Appalachia, but i am open to the guiding of the Universe and whatever It provides. I can already feel this happening in my own heart and imagination. i think this is what i was put on this earth to do.

"We are all part of everything around us, the Spirit that moves through all things." -Tom Brown Jr.  (Tom Brown's Field Guide to Living with the Earth)

"What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us." -Julia Cameron (The Artists Way)

“To navigate the wild world, you need to move your basic perceptual and analytical thinking out of your head and into the whole inner space of the body....we cover up the directional cues of our physical and emotional experience with verbal thinking.

Menders of all times and places have taught that silencing the thoughts in our heads and opening to the experience of the body and emotions is the basis of all healing. It's the only means by which we can reclaim our true nature or feel the subtle cues telling us how to find our way through life. Every Team member must heal inwardly by responding to this inner knowing before moving on to guide the healing of other things.” - Martha Beck  (Finding Your Way in a Wild New World)

“How cruel the whites are: their lips are thin, their noses sharp, their faces furrowed and distorted by holes. Their eyes have a staring expression. They are always seeking something. What are they seeking? The whites always want something, they are always uneasy and restless. We do not know what they want, we do not understand them, we think that they are mad.” I asked him why he thought the whites were all mad. “They say they think with their heads,” he replied.

“Why, of course. What do you think with?” I asked him in surprise.

“We think here,” he said, indicating his heart." - conversation between Carl Jung and Chief Mountain Lake of the Taos Pueblo. (recorded in Carl Jung's memoir, "Memories, Dreams, Reflections")

"I lived a yes to my own hearts desire…. I found another partner and it was my heart. and so I became only answerable to that.  And anything that would stop me from living out of that was fear.  So i questioned what I believed. …and there was nothing to stop me from following my heart.  Love is a fearless state of mind.
I lived a "yes" to my own hearts desire and I became married to that."
- Byron Katie.

"I think a lot of making art is listening to yourself." Kiki Smith



Communities I love that inspire the vision for the Heart Center:

The Findhorn Foundation (Scotland)

Penland School of Crafts (North Carolina)

The Bog Hill Center (Ireland)

CooperRiis Healing Community (North Carolina)

Gould Farm (Massachusetts)

Wild Abundance (North Carolina)