Hello my friend. I’m so grateful you have arrived here to this page. My name is Suzanne and I am an artist. I paint portraits with plant dyes and inks that I create myself by foraging plants from the landscape. I spend time with the Earth and I love her. She is my mother and I belong to her. I ask her for permission first. I listen. I invite her into my studio. I paint portraits because I feel energy moving through my body and arms as I do it. It began in my sketchbook and moved onto the “canvas”. I paint on fabric and love textiles. I often incorporate embroidery or hand stitching into my work. The most important thing to me as an artist is to paint from my heart and thereby be a channel for the Spirit who moves through all things and as a result, a healing presence of love in this world. That is the point of everything I do.

May you be blessed today as you wander through my art and listen to the whispers of your own heart’s guidance.